J Project, the predecessor of P2SG Global, introduced transparent display glass power glass for the first time in Korea in 2004, and created a new industry called media glass through the installation record of about 280 installations. Afterwards, we developed New Media Glass for the first time in the world, which overcomes the limit of durability, which is the weakness of existing technology, and through this, we started anew as P2SG Global in May 2018.


Power glass is a product that inserts a wireless light emitting diode (LED) into conductive transparent glass and laminates it with tempered glass with a colorless transparent resin. It is a combination of glass and LED technology.

New Media Glass was jointly developed with PPSG (Peter Platz Spezialglas GMBH), a German glass company that developed and supplied power glass for the first time in the world in 1998. ), a completely bezel-less innovative LED glass technology that does not use a sub-controller (SCU) has been implemented. As a result, it is possible to construct large buildings, complex structures, and water-friendly facilities regardless of size or use, opening a new horizon in the media glass industry.

New Media Glass, which has completely solved the chronic maintenance problems of Media Glass, is an innovative convergence application technology that uses IOT smart automatic doors, ICT disaster safety elevator doors, media façades, IOT media railings, electronic banners, landscape lighting, digital signage, interior /Lighting, BIPV media (building solar power generation function media system), etc. are responding to the needs of various markets.

Our company, which presented a new milestone in the display industry through the development of new media glass, is also carrying out a new media glass technology transfer business to expand production facilities in major bases around the world, starting with the start of mass production at the Gimpo plant in 2023.

With the goal of being listed on domestic and technological special occasions in 2025, P2SG Global will grow into a professional company leading the global transparent display market.