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P2SG GLOBAL is a company that manufactures and installs new media glasses. In 2004, P2SG GLOBAL introduced Power Glass, a product that can freely display various contents such as videos and images by inserting LEDs into transparent glass, in Korea for the first time in 2004.

New Media Glass is the most leading and innovative product, and pursues media art that combines art and architecture through bezel-less technology in the form of perfect glass. P2SG GLOBAL Leads the future of media façades based on leading technology.


Installation Example

New Media Glass possesses a unique technology that does not use PCBs and flex cables, which were the cause of frequent failures of existing Media Glass. With this technology, it can be applied to difficult outdoor structures or hydroponic facilities, and can be used semi-permanently.


Press Release (KR)

뉴미디어글라스 탑재 엘리베이터 설치 ‘눈길’
전남 해남 땅끝항 여객선터미널 준공
뉴미디어글라스 탑재 엘리베이터 설치 ‘눈길’